East Herts Green Party is pleased to announce its candidates for the Elections on 6th May 2021.

After successfully gaining five Green Party Councillors in the 2019 elections we have further selected passionate local people keen to represent their community at county and town council level in 2021 and beyond. With a vote swing of up to 20% from the previous elections we can win again in May.

Hertfordshire County Council Election:

Representing East Herts:

Representing Broxbourne:

District / Borough Elections:

For the Borough of Broxbourne:

Town Council Elections:

Across East Herts:

More information about all the candidates can be found on the Elections May 2021 page.

They promise to be an independent voice for residents – Green Party councillors are not whipped or told how to vote.
Green Party Councillors always listen and work hard for their residents. They have a track record of being very responsive to residents’ concerns. Our Green Party candidates will bring local solutions to global problems.

If elected East Herts Green Candidates pledge to protect our greenbelt. Another priority is to quieten and calm our streets through the extension of 20mph in residential areas.


Action on climate change

Only Greens have a record of speaking up for action strong enough to tackle the climate change emergency.

Social Justice

Greens are passionate about building a country where everyone has a good quality of life.

Our community

Community is at the heart of everything Greens do.