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Our Green parliamentary candidates

Nick Cox

Green Party Parliamentary Candidate for Hertford & Stortford Nick has served our community in many ways, as a District and Parish Councillor and by lobbying tirelessly against dangerous sewage in our chalk streams and deadly pollution in the air we breathe. Nick is currently an East Herts District Councillor for Ware Trinity and Parish Councillor for Stanstead St Margarets.

Vicky Burt

Green Party Parliamentary Candidate for North East Hertfordshire A small business owner, Vicky has served residents in the area for years, as a teacher and district councillor, by helping create and run a community cinema, and by campaigning to protect local facilities like swimming pools and libraries. Vicky is currently an East Herts District Councillor for Buntingford and Chair of the Standards Committee on the Council.

Our Vision Statement

The East Herts Green Party works hard to make a positive difference and build a fairer, greener community. We listen to your views to ensure our community gets the right services in a time of scarce resources.

The Green Party nationally is going from strength to strength – in the May 2023 elections we made the most gains in our 50-year history, taking the total number of Green councillors in England and Wales to a record 738, on a record 166 councils.

In East Herts, Greens leapfrogged the Conservatives as the largest party on East Herts District Council, after 28 years of dominance. We currently have 17 Green District councillors, 1 County councillor and lead Hertford and Ware Town councils.

Our local Greens stand up for social, economic and environmental justice, and believe fair is worth fighting for.

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