Reimagining travel through the centre of Ware

Ware One-Way System

The one-way system was imposed by Herts Highways as an emergency measure and will be removed when Covid emergency legislation ends.  It hasn’t worked properly because no account was taken of the effects on roads other than the High Street and Baldock Street.

This temporary one-way system has provided us with a very useful model of the effect that the Ware North development will have as high volumes of traffic will come from the new development to Baldock Street and Star Street, making the traffic jams much worse. We must remember that the pre-Covid situation didn’t work either. In the morning and the evening, the High Street and Baldock Street were grid locked and the resultant pollution and traffic noise made them unpleasant places to be, contributing to the decline of the High Street.

Nicholas Cox, prospective County Councillor for Ware North says:

“The Neighbourhood Plan, which is currently under development, should be used to provide a comprehensive solution including new road traffic arrangements. This will ensure wide consultation and public agreement, rather than an imposed solution from above.

"The system needs to be far more friendly to cyclists and pedestrian users of businesses in the High Street and Baldock Street. We need better and more imaginative public transport - on demand electric minibuses and rental bikes as well as traffic calming, reduced speed limits and road patterns that favour cycling and walking rather than our current car culture.

"Two specific problems that need addressing:

  1. The High St / New Road junction needs something to manage the flow in and out of New Rd, maybe a no Right turn out of New Rd? 
  2. The Bourne / Wadesmill Road junction needs traffic variable lights to prevent tailbacks up The Bourne affecting Collett Road and New Road.

"Despite the above, no arrangement will be perfect. We live in a town with a medieval street pattern at its heart, and it can’t cope with the increasing demands of a growing population.”

Thomas Day, prospective Town Councillor for Ware Trinity says:

“The imposition of the one-way system has been hugely controversial but, as resident of the town, I do recognise that it has provided some improvements in the ability to enjoy the town. Fewer cars on the high street have meant more space for pedestrians, it is quieter and the air feel distinctly cleaner.

“I think it is essential that any long-term decisions about the one-way system fully take into account the various views of residents and visitors to Ware as, clearly, some people will be upset by any eventual outcome. However, it is my strong belief that we still have an opportunity to create a change for the better in the way the town centre is used - one that provides the transport links and access that are essential to the economic prosperity of the town, but firmly prioritises the needs of pedestrians and the environment ahead of motorists.”

Thomas Day in Ware 2021
Thomas Day in Ware 2021