East Herts Green Party Newsletter - June 2020

16 June 2020

Dear East Herts Green Party Members and Supporters,
Hope you’re all well and safe during these testing times. Please know that if you are struggling, the Green Party is a community that you can reach out to.
Despite lockdown making it a tad more difficult, we have still been hard at work fighting for Green Party policies in our area. In this newsletter, I have a few updates to share with you.
Thank you so much all of you who have already signed. We are up to 136 signatures as of todayc- what a result! For those that haven’t signed yet, don’t be put off by needing to create an account, it’s a very quick and easy process. We need 250 to be able to present it. As most of us have already signed, we need to expand our horizons to achieve the mutual goal. 
On Friday 5th June at 5pm we will be storming social media by posting the link to our petition on safer social distancing on our own individual social media pages and sending them to at least one of our Whatsapp groups.  If enough people share it, the social media algorithms will ensure other users will have it appear on their newsfeed and high up on their newsfeed too.  
  • Post this link on your own social media accounts on Friday at 5.
Workshop Series 
We have a whole host of very knowledgeable and interesting members in our local party. By pooling our expertise, we can help inform each other and strengthen our skillset. 
We will be having weekly 30min Zoom workshops for us all to share our knowledge with each other. These could be on topics such as zero waste living, minimalism, how to set up a home compost bin, vegan recipes, bicycle repair how to, low waste fashion, veg regrows, book recommendations, tech basics, social media - whatever people have skills in and are willing to talk about! The list is only a prompt, if you’ve got something else, we’d love to know about it, this is a great opportunity to share you passions with other willing learners and listeners. The talks could be opened up to other green groups or just EHGP depending completely on the host’s wishes. We have a briefing doc to help you plan it. The calls will only be 30mins long in total- so I do encourage you to give it a go. 
  • Contact lucydownes101@gmail.com with a topic that you would like to present.
  • Tune in on Wednesdays at 6pm to 6:30pm
Training workshops
There have been a number of workshops organised by the Young Greens and National Green Party to help train fellow members. Do join some of these online sessions, they are very informative. A picture of the events list is included below. 
Which you can sign up to on this link
Declare A climate Emergency also have training webinars available here.
Training Library
For the attended events, the notes will be written up and made available for our members, to facilitate the further developing of our political understanding and skills.
Some include Successful Campaign Running, Policies Cheat Sheet, Canvassing Brief and Choosing a Target Ward. These will be made accessible for everyone at all times to read through. Do browse through them so that we are most prepared for elections and generate innovative campaign ideas. This link will be available on the EHGP website and on the Whatsapp group. As more workshops are being held, more documents will be uploaded so do check it out every once in a while. 
  • View the Library here 
That’s it all wrapped up for June. Do let us know if you have any great ideas for new campaigns or projects, we’d love to hear about the direction you’d like your party to take.