Local elections 2019 - results

7 May 2019

East Herts Green Party made history on the 2nd May! For the first time there are Green politicians on East Herts District Council, Hertford Town Council and Ware Town Council. 

Your new Green Councillors are:

District Council 

  • Ben Crystall  (Hertford Bengeo)
  • James Frecknall (Ware Trinity)

Town Council

  • Martin Butcher  (Ware St Mary’s)
  • Alex Daar  (Hertford Bengeo)
  • Tony Tarrega (Hertford Sele)

We would like to thank all those people who voted for us and we look forward to representing you and giving a strong and coherent green voice in all aspects of local government. 

We hope you will vote Green again in the European Elections on 23rd May - a vote for protection against climate change and to remain in Europe.  

Please keep a look out for our climate awareness, celebration and fundraising event on Saturday 6th July 2019 kindly hosted by Lydia and Robert Somerville at their local eco home and small holding in East Herts. 

For further information contact Alex Daar on 07828 300741 or email: alexandra.daar@gmail.com