Air Pollution in East Herts

22 May 2017


East Herts Green Party are extremely concerned about air pollution.  

East Herts has three areas which are designated as AQMA (Air Quality Management Areas).  This means the level of pollution in these areas is above acceptable levels.  They are Sawbridgeworth, London Road; Hertford, Gascoyne Way and Hockerill Junction, Bishop’s Stortford. 

Although the local council has made some progress with regards to obtaining money to build some electric car charging points and working to raise awareness in schools; it is not nearly enough to tackle the scale of the problem.  Nothing has been done to improve public transport and options for walking and cycling.

sawbo air pollution

David Woollcombe, Green Party Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Hertford and Stortford, along with other East Herts Green party members protested about poor air quality in Sawbridgeworth during campaigning on 20 May. The next government may not recall the recommendations to improve air quality but the Green Party won't let them forget!