PPCs for Hertford & Stortford and Broxbourne

8 May 2017


A Selection Meeting for Prospective Parliamentary Candidates to represent the Green Party in Hertford and Stortford and Broxbourne was recently held.  

We were really pleased to have three fantastic candidates coming forward across the age range and genders.  We selected David Woollcombe to represent Hertford and Stortford and Tabitha Evans to represent Broxbourne.  We would like to thank David and Tabitha, and Stephen Robinson for taking part and providing such an interesting evening for members attending.  Each candidate had their own strengths and it was hard to choose.

We are now fundraising to raise money for deposits and campaign material.  If we each give a little bit each we should reach our target and we feel it is important to give everyone the chance to vote Green.  We noticed at the County Council Elections held on 4 May that we did best in those wards where we have recently campaigned.  Over time we hope if we run focussed campaigns we will start to see Green representation at local level and beyond!  I think we all know that if Brexit happens we will need a really strong Green voice to protect the environment and to fight to save it going forward.

If you would like to help and support your candidates please get in touch.  I can post Vote Green Posters to you if you live in a place where you can put them in a window for others to see.


Further details on the candidates and campaign to follow.


EHGP members