East Herts District Council – Puckeridge By-election

11 September 2016

Vote for your Green Party candidate Tabitha Evans on 15 September 2016.
  • The Green Party and I are passionate about equality, social justice and nurturing our natural world as if we depend upon it for our livelihoods. Which of course we do!
  • Right now nearly every East Herts councillor is Conservative. I feel democracy can be enhanced if I offer an alternative persepective.
  • I live in Puckeridge and want to hear local opinion on A120 road improvements and housing construction.
  • I have worked as a scientist for 15 years and have two children. I supported the successful anti-incinerator campaign in Ware with scientific expertise.  I am regularly active in local and national environmental campaigns.
 Puckeridge by-election
 (double click image to download PDF of poster)