Keeping Hertfordshire Clean, Tidy and Safe for Wildlife

The Menace of Litter and Fly-tipping

East Herts Green Party is serious about reducing our use of materials that are difficult to recycle or dispose of, but we also abhor the blight of litter and fly-tipping where proper channels for waste disposal are ignored. We want to protect our environment and wildlife from unnecessary human impact.

We support the activities of local litter picking groups, and often organise our own community litter picks, but we shouldn't have to. It's important that reducing, reusing, recycling are made easier, and Councils and contractors are held accountable for the services they are paid for. Elected Green Party councillors pledge to keep up the pressure and work on solutions.

There are many organisations responsible for waste collection, cleaning our streets, preventing and removing litter and fly-tipping. It's often tricky to figure out who to report a problem to, or find a quick answer to a question about waste.

We've put together a handy guide with links to the online forms for reporting problems and contact details for the various Council departments involved, along with independent volunteer groups addressing the problems we all face.

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