campaigning for default 20mph speed limits on urban, village and residential roads

20's Plenty for Hertfordshire

On 6th April 2021 Hertford Town Council debated a motion on 20 mph proposed by the Green Party Councillor Alex Daar and seconded by Labour Councillor Rob Pinkham. The Conservative majority on the Town Council were offered the opportunity to vote for a comprehensive solution for 20 mph. Instead of supporting the motion in full as submitted by the opposition they voted for their own amendments.  These amendments include voting for physical obstacles that are dangerous and unpopular and consume enormous financial resources.  Their approach places Hertford in a competitive queue with most towns and villages in the County for expensive resources.  The approach they prefer will be very slow, patchy and cause more confusion for all road users.

Adopting 20 mph as the normal speed in all residential areas is good for noise reduction, good for improving air quality and increases the amount of walking and cycling.  This is proven in the many areas of the UK where this approach is adopted.  Engineered solutions such as speed humps are not popular and do not improve air quality.

Our candidates are supporting the 20's Plenty for Hertfordshire campaign.

Ben Crystall
Nicholas Cox
David Oxley
Thomas Day
Madela Baddock
Martin Butcher
David Woollcombe
Vicky Smith
Vicky Smith